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Cosmic Looper

February 3, 2020

Do you feel sometimes you're on a hamster wheel, you keep on running but not going anywhere, and history like sitcoms tends to repeat?

Crazy man Dion is your stereotypical late night DJ. His task is to pump you up, give out prizes and play the music.

In every major city around the world exist a DJ of this calibre, even in my low key nondescript Canadian city.

They tend to say the same things and play the same music.
I wonder if some of them are pressured by their station manager to adopt a facade. Dion Carlson changed his name to Crazy man Dion. He changed his personality and his worldview.

Dion's life was controlled by millions of invisible strings. The idea of free will was only an illusion. Control and self-determination was a myth.

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