Poetic Earthlings


IRIS 2.0

April 22, 2020

My hot new coworker resembles my former girlfriend, however there's something diabolical in her piercing eyes that will unravel the fabric of reality.

I used to listen to Coast To Coast Am with Art Bell, do you remember that radio show?
It was about Alien abductions, mythical creatures, time travellers and shadowy governments. In a nutshell it was a conspiracy show.

People called in and spoke freely about strange lights in the skies.
Art listened without passing judgment.
Some guy claimed he was a time traveller from the future, someone else claimed to see the inside of an alien ship.

I was glued to the radio, not wanting to miss a word. For the record I don't believe in conspiracy theories but I find them fascinating, but I do believe the governments of the world is held to a code of secrecy.

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